Saturday, August 28, 2010

'You are my Life..!!!'

Wrote on the request of a friend, to be put across by her for her hubby..after their fight..!!!

No idea abt this kindaa relationship, still gave a thought.. My very first attempt..!!! Kindly leave your comments for sure..!!


"Waves were high and the moon was dim..
Desert was aloof and the sky was on rim..
Looked far beyond, no one was to be seen..
My heart relaxed, because you are my only dean..

Dreams are dew-drops..melts with burning sun..
You stood by my the worse and best run..
Completed the horizon..painted the starry night..
You postulated the weeds..into a beautiful sight..

You are my string..that needs no wing..
The moment you hold me, birds will sing..
Worldly war left aloof the jam-packed audi..
Your Fragrance mystified even the dead body..

You gave me a reason to replenish my thoughts..
Were you the creator of my late night creative lots..
Alas! I could rewrite my name with your single touch..
Prompting rains to lean into my window that much..

You are my life, you are the exquisite bouquet's garden..
Immerse into me, take away the breath, O My Warden..
Love you my 'Honey', take me back into your arm..
Adrenalin calls, 'Hey..only you can make me warm'..!!

Forgive me..for all the mistakes..accept me once again..
Praying today to the Divine, let this issue not regain..
Take me back into your shell and love me forever..
And ever..ever..ever..ever..ever..ever..and ever..!!"


2 ...Kindly express ur views here/विचार प्रकट करिए..:

Omi said...

wow.. u can write romantuc verses too.. n tht too with fluency...

priyankaabhilaashi said...

Thnxx Omi Dada..!!